Lewes Women in Business offering Business Services

Sophie Isachsen
Marketing and Public Relations


I provide professional, cost-effective marketing and PR solutions to help small companies strengthen their brand and reach their customers with clear, engaging communications

From honing your marketing direction to implementing a strategic plan, I offer practical expertise to help you achieve your business goals. My skills include creating content, copywriting for SEO, social media strategy and writing press releases. 

 Sophie Isachsen specialist in PR and Marketing

Sophie Isachsen specialist in PR and Marketing

Marisa Guthrie
Business Coaching

I provide business coaching and consultancy to small businesses and social enterprises. Coaching is an empowering process designed to give you the tools to tackle your business issues.

I firmly believe that you already have the answers to your questions - my job is simply to help you find them. 

Small businesses are an expression of the individual entrepreneurs behind them. Coaching and mentoring provide very effective tools in helping you with the business challenges you will face, but also the personal ones, and how the two interlink. Combining coaching techniques and business advice, my aim is to help people overcome barriers to achieving their professional goals.

 Marisa Guthrie small business mentor

Marisa Guthrie small business mentor

Loulou Storey
The Styling Storey

A passionate stylist, working with women to feel confident with what to wear everyday, for events and to communicate their story, whether business or personal.

  • Wardrobe clear-outs and reorganisation
  • Style consultations for specific events
  • Style consultation for the upcoming season
  • Brand Image Consultations
  • Personal shopping

Many people often feel that knowing what to wear and how to wear it is a given, something you should just know but it can often be overwhelming to get organised, know what to buy and understand what suits you. We can become very stuck in our ways with what to wear and I bring in some outfitting inspiration and confidence to help people to start to live the lives they dream of. I also am here to support you when it feels overwhelming and/or your time is precious, you can’t do everything alone.

I suppose you can say that I help fix the out to start fixing the in to live a truly beautiful life.  

I am passionate that we should all be able to express who we are and we are often weighed down by clothes that we’ve owned for many years and no longer serve a purpose. Have you gone through a lot of change in your life recently? A divorce, a new business, a house move, a mum, a shift in mental attitude, an illness? We evolve as humans but our wardrobes can stay very stagnant and I am here to help you bring that wardrobe along for the ride.

I work with women to help grow their confidence with their style by learning new ways to outfit the old and growing in knowledge with what suits them. Style can be used as a tool to help us move on from challenging periods in our life and help to create a new story for our selves and our more enriched futures.

I have been styling women and training others to do so for the last 15 years throughout my career in retail management. My studies at London College of Fashion in marketing have given me a strong beliefs that we must buy less and buy well and also has really honed the power of ensuring we use our style as a way to progress our lives. I have been fortunate to be a speaker, workshop host and events co-ordinator throughout my career and I just love being able to communicate my passion that all women can feel special every day. I am based in East Sussex and work throughout the county. A lot of my work takes me up to London but the link throughout it all is working with inspiring business owners who want to live the best life they can.

Bring your style up to date, start having fun with fashion and express the you of today and perhaps most importantly the you for tomorrow. 

 Loulou Storey - style consultant

Loulou Storey - style consultant

Sam Revill
Social Media & Cake Hole Productions

I am a Twitter and Facebook specialist. I help Twitter virgins set up new accounts, give bespoke one-to-one and group training sessions, hand-hold through the first stages of building an account and find relevant followers. See: @TweetySamRevill.

I promote, manage and market gigs, live music concerts and club nights.

Cake Hole Productions is working with The Oyster Project (an award winning disability self-help charity) based at Westgate Chapel in Lewes.

I have also worked on a consultancy basis on small gigs for Russell Brand's Trew Era Cafe in London. See: @cakeholeprod on Twitter. Read more about Sam.


Telephone: 07796 761365

 Lewes Social Media Specialist and music promoter Sam Revill

Lewes Social Media Specialist and music promoter Sam Revill

Dr Esmoreit Sleyster
Coaching 4 All

If you want help with work related matters that have a negative effect on your health, happiness and performance, or you are conDr Esmoreit Sleyster is a chartered psychologist, qualified executive coach and an accredited trainer 

Her company Coaching 4 all provides a coaching, consultation and training service and works with professionals, executives and teams in private, public and third sector organisations. Life coaching is also provided. Read more about Esmoreit.

 Lewes Business Coach Esmoreit Sleyster

Lewes Business Coach Esmoreit Sleyster

Nicola Furner
Architect, BA, BEDS, M Arch, RIBA

Nicola Furner Architects are sustainable architects, environmental master planners and designers of ecological interiors for clients across Sussex

Working on residential and commercial projects, Nicola Furner Architects use empathy, insight and original design to create more from less. They are specialists in translating clients’ ideas, requirements and resources into innovative, beautiful and affordable designs. Nicola is a passionate advocate of sustainability and a supporter of local suppliers and craftspeople. Read more about Nicola

 Nicola Furner - photo Carlotta Luke

Nicola Furner - photo Carlotta Luke

Claire Hawes
Commercial Copywriter, The Content Boutique

Do you find it difficult writing communications that persuade your readers to take action?

Don’t waste your time. Use my time instead!

I’m always open to a conversation about copywriting requirements. Connect with me on social media or via my website and we can set up a time to talk.

 Lewes-based commercial copywriter Claire Hawes

Lewes-based commercial copywriter Claire Hawes

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