Katie Vandyck
100Designs Websites and Photography

Katie Vandyck is the website maker and photographer at 100Designs in Lewes

We make original websites with powerful visual impact which strongly reflect the character of the businesses we work for.

We can also take care of

  • Graphics
  • Digital assets
  • SEO
  • Photography
  • Content
  • Marketing material (leaflets and brochures)

Call Katie on 01273 475218 if you'd like to talk about a website, or photography for a website

 Katie Vandyck, Lewes website maker and photographer, by Marisa Guthrie

Katie Vandyck, Lewes website maker and photographer, by Marisa Guthrie

Rikke Skovgaard
Yellowmellow Graphics

Rikke Skovgaard is the founder and owner of Yellow Mellow graphics, a small graphic design business. She has 16 years of experience in providing creative graphic design solutions for a variety of clients ranging from big organisations to small businesses. 

Graphic design, from logo to flyers, from websites to packaging, is one of the most important factors, when you want to engage with your customers/ clients/ buyers. It helps them identify your business, its products and values. Communication is at the heart of her business, she is a good listener, who will tune in to your ideas and use her imagination and aesthetic sense to get your message across. 

Rikke has moved to England from Denmark and is in the process of building up her client base in UK. So whether you are a start up business looking for a graphic designer to help you creating the visual side of your brand or you already have a design for your business, but need a graphic design for your flyer, packaging, poster etc don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Lewes Graphic Designer Rikke Skovgaard