Natasha Caughey
Auricula (Gemstone Jewellery)

Natasha Caughey is a jeweller and owns Auricula, a treasure trove of tempting beaded gemstone jewellery tucked away in the Turner Dumbrell Workshops in Ditchling. Auricula produces elegant, timeless jewellery inspired by the shapes, colours and texture of gemstones and freshwater pearls. These stones are hand-selected by Natasha on her trips to China and India, and she is especially drawn to stones with unusual cuts and tones. Each piece of jewellery is hand-crafted, and you can find pieces to suit any occasion, from a chunky bold statement piece to exquisitely delicate items

Natasha founded the company in 2006 after working for five years as a jewellery buyer and designer in central London. She is a Fellow of the Gemological Association and brings a wealth of expertise, as well as a flair for creating stunning designs, to the business. She also runs classes instructing people how to design their own piece of jewellery.

A visit to Auricula is a sensory treat. Cast your eye over necklaces of glittering garnets, earrings of shimmering labradorites, bracelets of lustrous pearls. Translucent green fluorite is offset with a solid vivid-blue lapis lazuli, a soft-purple fluorite is accentuated with subtle-green aquamarine. Bold orange carnelian makes a perfect foil to neutral shades of smoky quartz and grey-green kunzite looks fabulous with silver and sapphires.

The selection of jewellery on offer is constantly evolving and Natasha loves working with customers to produce bespoke jewellery to an individual’s personal specifications, matching pieces to a particular outfit or designing something unique and original for a gift. We pride ourselves on making jewellery that helps you express who you are and lets you to play with form and colour –  jewellery you will love for a lifetime.

 Lewes Jeweller Natasha Caughey

Lewes Jeweller Natasha Caughey

Andrea Eserin Jewellery and Accessories
Handcrafted Jewellery

Andrea has been designing and making jewellery for over 20 years, producing beautiful pieces in precious metals, gemstones, beads and recycled fabrics

Andrea makes pieces for individual clients as well as selling her collections locally and nationwide, both at a trade and retail level.

She finds inspiration in the exotic of the East as well as in nature, resulting in the creation of unique and wearable jewellery.

 Jeweller Andrea Eserin

Jeweller Andrea Eserin

Personalised Silver and Gold Jewellery

Oriana specialises in creating unusual jewellery from combining gold and silver. She also makes keepsake/personalised jewellery to commemorate relationships and special events.

Oriana's jewellery can evoke memories of dreams, hopes, feelings of love and friendship. These are turned into hand-crafted pieces of personalised jewellery that will become cherished keepsakes for your whole life.  Find out more...