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Caz McDonagh
Holistic Practitioner

I'm a holistic practitioner; Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Oneness Trainer, Deeksha Giver (energy worker) and Siddha Healer (using energy, crystals and sacred geometry).  I'm also a Meditation Guide and hold various themed guided meditations, including group chanting classes; healing in unison from the vibration of sound.

I'm teaching a Oneness Awakening two day course in Newhaven (check here for information) and will be teaching regular courses in Lewes and surrounding areas.

My inspiration for becoming a holistic practitioner happened when I became disillusioned by my career and my life..  I left the corporate world of my hometown London, moved to Asia for ten years, where I taught ESL for seven years and this is where I first began my journey of self discovery. Since then it's been my passion to be the facilitator of those 'seeking something else', those stressed and in pain (physically and emotionally). 

I began teaching classes, courses and doing one to one healings in Bali, India and Thailand. In Summer 2016, I moved to Lewes where I feel building my holistic business, set amongst the beautiful support of nature, is where I now want to be.

I taught two Chanting and Deeksha Meditation Classes every week for two years, whilst living in Hanoi, Vietnam.  I had regular clients who found attending these classes helped them to focus in a calmer more productive way.  It was also a very community-building experience, connecting like minded people together.

I introduced meditation and Deeksha to my ESL students with profound results.  It's when I felt teaching began to flow in a fun way and the teacher/student dynamic dissolved.

I've had people come to me for one or a few healing sessions and ongoing conditions or joint problems that they had been experiencing (often for years) seemed to dissolve.  My Cranio-Sacral Therapy clients range from a four month old baby boy up to an 82 year old woman, with everyone in between, including pregnant women and people with disabilities.

Some participants of my Oneness Awakening two day courses that I teach everywhere I live, have told me of their shifts in consciousness, which has given them direction, a clearer life purpose and profound connection to themselves.

It's my life purpose to facilitate healing and inner growth in my clients.


Caz McDonagh Energy worker and holistic practitioner

Caz McDonagh Energy worker and holistic practitioner

Kate Minogue
Alexander Technique Lewes

I can teach you a life skill to apply to everything you do. By changing your response to stress, you can move, look, and feel better

Postural habits may lead to aches and pains. Improved self-awareness helps you release physical tension, feel more confident, and speak and breathe more easily.  Read more about Kate.

Call me on 0777 477 0844.

Alexander Technique Teacher Kate Minogue

Alexander Technique Teacher Kate Minogue

Cammie Toloui
Intuitive, Deep, Effective Massage Therapy

Cammie Toloui’s priority with every massage is to listen carefully to her client's needs and body.

You might need deep, focused work to address tension, pain or an injury or you might just need to relax. Cammie's quiet, warm massage studio is in central Lewes. She is available Sunday - Wednesday. Read more about Cammie

Massage therapist Cammie Toloui

Massage therapist Cammie Toloui