Lewes Women in Business who specialise in therapies for the mind

Linda Deacon - InFlow Hypnotherapy
Hynotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

As a solutions focussed therapist, I can help you take control of your thoughts, internal dialogue and emotions to create a healthier happier you, so that you can reach your potential

From weight loss and stopping smoking, to relief from anxiety and low self esteem, to phobias, fears and trauma.

Lewes Hypnotherapist Linda Deacon

Lewes Hypnotherapist Linda Deacon

Myriam Murray QHHT
Healing with Past Life Regression

Experiencing a past life regression with hypnotherapy has the great potential to gently release the thoughts and emotions that hold you back and to re-connect you with your deep inner self

In return, through this process, you receive the information and understanding about your life to really improve your well being. Read more about Myriam

Call to make an appointment on 0775 242 9193

Quantum healing hynotherapist Myriam Murray

Quantum healing hynotherapist Myriam Murray

Julie Sellars
Specialist in Neurodiversity

Julie is an experienced Dyslexia Practioner MA RCA, PGCE Dyslexia Diploma and member of Patoss,the professional association of teachers of students with specific learning difficulties.

Julie specialises in bohemian support methods. Dyslexia is a pattern of specific learning difficulties and as a dyslexic Julie has a gift in being able to translate the students difficulties in a way all can understand and with this new understanding change can happen.

With understanding comes chance, students, parents and tutors understand their specific difficulty and therefore can start to find strategies that suit these individual.


Julie Sellars, specialist in Dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD

Dr Esmoreit Sleyster
Child Psychology Sussex

Esmoreit is a chartered psychologist who provides a clinical psychology service for children, adolescents and families

If you want a better understanding of the troubles your child is facing, or you are considering therapy for your child, or support for you or your family then please contact Esmoreit for a consultation. Read more about Esmoreit

Lewes Child Psychologist Dr Esmoreit Sleyster

Lewes Child Psychologist Dr Esmoreit Sleyster

Claudia Cerrina
Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

I am an experienced UKCP-Registered Psychotherapist offering open-ended and time-limited psychotherapy to adults and young people in Lewes and Brighton.

I have worked with clients facing a wide range of difficulties including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, gender and life-transitions, and in various settings including higher education, local counselling services and the NHS. Do call me 07813 811986

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Lewes Psycholtherapist Clauda Cerrina

Lewes Psycholtherapist Clauda Cerrina

Sara Warner
Counsellor BACP B.A. (Hons)

Professional, focussed, safe and confidential counselling attuned to your needs. Experienced BACP registered counsellor with a private practice in Lewes.

Specialist support for for sufferers of anxiety, and those with childhood or boarding school issues. Fully qualified to help with a range of other issues.

All calls and messages are confidential.  Telephone number 07976 896509.

Sara Warner, counsellor in Lewes

Sara Warner, counsellor in Lewes