Frequently asked questions about Lewes Women in Business

Who can join Lewes Women in Business?

LWB operates as not-for-profit Community Interest Company, inclusive to all women who run an independent business, whether by creating products or offering bespoke services, within Lewes District. Our members come from a variety of professions including retailers, designers, business consultants, photographers, therapists, caterers, architects and more, all of whom have started up their own business.

If you are a woman who lives or runs their own business in the Lewes District, you are welcome to join LWB

So, if you live in Lewes but work for yourself elsewhere you may come to our meetings, and if you work for yourself in Lewes but live elsewhere you may also come to our meetings. Apologies to those in Brighton & Hove who do not work in Lewes, as this group is not open to you.

Our application process requests that you provide home address and work details.

Why is Lewes Women in Business for women only? Click Here to find out more

I have a franchise business in Lewes – can I join Lewes Women in Business?

Unfortunately, LWB membership is not open to franchise owners. Our members are all women who have set up their own unique businesses so in many cases have taken comparable journeys into small business. As we are not a networking  group in the traditional sense, but more of a peer-to-peer support group, it is important to us as a that community our members come from roughly the same starting point as independent business owners.

We hope you will find the following business support links useful:

British Franchise Association
Approved Franchise Association
International Franchise Association

Can non-members attend meetings?

Yes, you are welcome to come along to meetings on a drop-in basis to decide whether membership is right for you. We ask for a £15.00 cash payment on the door which covers your coffee, meeting room hire and our administration costs. It does not give you access to our membership benefits.

I’m not great at networking but I like the idea of meeting other women who work locally. Can I still join LWB?

Yes, by all means!

LWB is not a formal networking group in the traditional sense. Our emphasis is on providing a network of support, collaboration, opportunities and mentoring to our members, rather than a hard-sell.

One of our members coined the phrase ‘friend-working’ to describe her experience of LWB. Read Amanda's blog.

Is Lewes Women in Business affiliated to any other networking groups?

No, we are a home-grown, truly independent non-profit group set up in April 2015 by local businesswoman Chloe Edwards of Seven Sisters' Spices.  Since then we have attracted more than 200 women via our Facebook group and our monthly meetings frequently comprise over 50 attendees.

A few of our members attend other networking groups in the area but they tell us that Lewes Women in Business occupies an important place in their calendar because of our unique approach to getting the most out of our collective membership.

I’m really impressed with the amount of independently employed women pursuing their chosen craft or occupation and their willingness to help and support other women in similar circumstances.
I feel that everyone who is a member of LWB is so because they have a genuine interest in the group and what it could achieve rather than just wanting to further their own business opportunities.
Lewes Women in Business is an unusual community, generous, supportive and interesting. Chloe Edward’s sensitive and intelligent management of the group is inspiring. I find belonging to Lewes Women in Business to be a hugely rewarding experience.”
— Katie Vandyck, Web designer and photographer

I run my business with someone else. Can we both join and how much does it cost?

If you run an independent business in partnership with another woman, you can apply for joint membership which costs £150.00 annually per business (to include the maximum of two members). One or both partners can attend monthly meetings.