Shirah Mustardé
Vitalise Nutrition

I am a Naturopathic Nutritionist and Live Blood Analyst committed to improving my clients' health and wellbeing

At my clinic in Lewes and London, I investigate your health history, detect the specific causes of ill-health at cellular level, and map out actions required to address deficiencies or toxicity. I provide individualised solutions to weight gain, insomnia, fatigue and digestive issues, and can support you with chronic diseases by tailoring diet to your medication. 

LIve Blood Analyst Shirah Mustardé

LIve Blood Analyst Shirah Mustardé

Fiona Whitfield
The Life Reboot

I'm a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Pilates Instructor with 20 years' experience

I developed The Life ReBoot, an online training programme, which offers well-being education and support to women around menopause. Together we can address your low energy, changing body shape and other symptoms, either in a small group or one-to-one coaching. I will help you improve your mind-set, nutrition and exercise so you can enjoy life to the full again. Call me on Tel: 078119 60646.  Read more about Fiona

Fiona Whitfield, Women's Wellness Coach in Lewes

Fiona Whitfield, Women's Wellness Coach in Lewes

Ruth Smethhurst
The Playcation Experience

Inspiring women to break free from stress and overwhelm to find their fun, confidence and self-love

The courses, workshops, fun fitness sessions and retreats we offer will give you an opportunity to change your perspective around your life, your body, and in turn build a life you love.

Call Ruth on 07813 973813 to find out more

Ruth Smethurst doing handstand