Chloe Edwards - Founder of Lewes Women In Business

"After a few months of doing my Seven Sisters’ Spices Friday Lunch Deliveries around Lewes Town I realised that the majority of my customers were women, and not simply working women but women who were running their own businesses, who had set up and established independent industries covering a vast and inspiring array of trades – from tea importers to music promoters, retailers, designers, photographers, jewellers and book binders.

As time went on, I kept finding myself recommending these women and their services to each other, it seemed madness that we weren’t all aware of each other and in contact!

This all fell into place when I was trying to think of a topical tweet for #InternationalWomensDay and thought of a question my friend, Graphic Designer, Rikke Skovgaard had recently asked me ‘Is there a Lewes Based Women in Business group?’ and so I posed this question to the twittersphere and got a resounding, no, not really.

So, one month later on April 14th 2015, thanks to the generosity of Claire Kirtland lending us the Hive’s meeting space for free we held our inaugural meeting. Over 30 women came and the enthusiasm and positive response to the idea of getting together was overwhelming!

The momentum all of this enthusiasm has caused sees us here now, 2 years on, still meeting once a month. LWB formalized as a not for profit Community Interest Company in August 2016 and we are currently working with a membership of over 80 local independent businesswomen. This group is endlessly inspiring, I am so very excited and enthused about what we may achieve together in the future."