Testimonials for Lewes Women in Business 2016

I feel that everyone who is a member of LWB is so because they have a genuine interest in the group and what it could achieve rather than just wanting to further their own business opportunities.
As a lone freelancer, I enjoy being part of a group of like-minded women and come away enthused and energised.
I like the diversity of LWB. The group is across disciplines, making for interesting collaborations and sharing of skills.
There is nothing quite as comforting or helpful as being able to share difficulties, challenges and successes when you’re a self-employed person
— Katie Vandyck

Testimonials for Lewes Women in Business Workshops

Well done Katie for tackling this daunting subject with a practical, common sense and customer-focused approach. And great tips about the importance of photography. Wonderful testimonials, richly deserved. Thank you, I really enjoyed your workshop.
— Sophie Isachsen, Marketing & PR Consultant


We asked our members: what does membership of LWB mean to you?

LWB is the most inspiring, supportive , interesting and colourful business gathering that I have attended. Through conversations work opportunities have developed alongside long lasting friendships.
— Lucy Tamara, Total Social
Women often find themselves in situations that do not fit conventional working practices. Rather than buckle under, they tend to use their resourcefulness, they are natural entrepreneurs and networkers. If the system doesn’t fit their needs they create their own. It’s been fantastic to meet so many women who have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and are creating, communicating and teaching. Yes we can, and contrary to the history books we always have.
— Michelle Porter, Porter’s Bespoke
It is a joy to be meeting and working with a group of such creative, talented, professional women. Every meeting is a supportive, enjoyable occasion.Amanda Saurin, A.S. Apothecary
— Amanda Saurin, A.S. Apothecary
Lewes Women in Business is an unusual community, generous, supportive and interesting. Chloe Edward’s sensitive and intelligent management of the group is inspiring. I find belonging to Lewes Women in Business to be a hugely rewarding experience.
— Katie Vandyck, 100Designs and photographer
I find that our monthly meetings keep me upbeat and inspired until the next meet up. I get a huge amount from having somewhere to share what I am doing and what I have been troubled or enthused by. Much more productive than only having the bubble that is my home kitchen for a work context..
— Chloe Edwards, Seven Sisters Spices
I’ve learnt that most important skill for effective business networking is listening; LWB focuses on how you can help the person you are listening to, rather than on how she can help you and this is the first step to establishing mutually beneficial and long lasting relationships in any field.
— Nicola Furner, Architect