Linda Deacon - InFlow Hypnotherapy
Hynotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Coach Practitioner specialising in Weight Loss Coaching and Stop Smoking.

As a ‘solutions-focused’ practitioner qualified in Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Linda works with clients to achieve their potential and overcome issues or habits that are holding them back in life.

My approach is client-centred and solutions focussed, helping clients to uncover their own inner resources to facilitate the changes they desire.

Very commonly, issues of low self-esteem or self-confidence, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and stress, play a major role in preventing people from living the life they want and truly deserve. Using a combination of NLP coaching, hypnosis and CBT, changes can happen naturally and long standing problems can often be overcome surprisingly quickly!

Having a passionate interest in health and nutrition, I specialise in Weight Loss Coaching and run a personalised ‘Think Slim, Be Slim’ weight loss programme. The programme addresses emotional and habitual eating patterns and so changes a client’s mind-set around food and exercise, enabling them to easily achieve their ideal, healthy weight and stay there. This is a permanent change programme, designed to positively change thoughts, habits and behaviours, so that the client can finally maintain their weight in the long term.

No more yo yo dieting after Think Slim Be Slim! Only better health, self-esteem and feeling fabulous!

I also love helping smokers stop smoking for good to regain their health, improve their bank balance and free them from the tyranny of the habit that has been blighting their lives and could possibly one day, end it prematurely.

Practising from my quiet home therapy room in beautiful Barcombe near Lewes, I welcome clients to a cosy and private space with free parking on my road or in the village. Feeling more relaxed when you leave is guaranteed.

I also offer sessions via Skype or Face Time for busy people or those unable to travel. Following a certain protocol for hypnosis over Skype, these sessions can be just as effective as a face to face session.

Registered with the CNHC (Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council), The Hypnotherapy Association and Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming, I abide by their codes of ethics and I am professionally insured.

Hypnotherapist Linda Deacon

Hypnotherapist Linda Deacon

Myriam Murray QHHT

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a method that has the great potential to gently release the thoughts and emotions that hold you back,to re-connect you with your inner self and gain clarity, and to improve your well being and happiness

QHHT clients often come with a need and desire to heal from emotional blockages or traumas, or from physical ailments and discomfort. Our body and emotions are deeply connected to our belief system and thought patterns. Sometimes those are anchored in our past or in stories that we hold in our imagination. This gentle yet effective technique, which includes a past life regression and a re-connection with your inner self, will help you reveal causes and gain clearer understanding. This, in turn, will empower you to release and heal the issues in your present life

I facilitate this gentle process for you, using the amazing technique that the late Dolores Cannon, pioneer hypnotherapist, created and developed over 45 years of deep research and ground breaking work.  She discovered that by allowing this deep state of relaxation—the Theta level of hypnosis—clients can have access to this part of themselves which has unlimited knowledge about their own life journey.

By-passing the chatter of the conscious mind in a QHHT session, you allow your inner self to come through and give yourself the information you need in response to your personal questions.

It was when I totally healed my aching back after a spontaneous past life regression, that I reflected more deeply on the effect of my beliefs and thought patterns in my body. I searched for more answers and information and came across QHHT.

I invite you to visit my website and see if the information resonates with you. I would be very happy to answer any of your questions.

When I went to visit Myriam I wasn’t quite sure what would happen. Myriam was fantastic at making me feel comfortable and at ease. I went on some journeys where I visited significant places in my past that allowed me to see aspects of my life now and what I need to enable me. There was an issue with my intestines that had been with me for years. I found out when it happened and actually healed that area and now my bowel movement is much better that it ever has been. I highly recommend doing QHHT! Myriam is a wonderful guide and very sensitive person. Thank you so much for enabling me to move forward in my life.
Quantum healing hynotherapist Myriam Murray

Quantum healing hynotherapist Myriam Murray

Call to make an appointment on 0775 242 9193

Julie Sellars
Specialist in Neurodiversity

Julie is an experienced Dyslexia Practioner MA RCA, PGCE Dyslexia Diploma and member of Patoss,the professional association of teachers of students with specific learning difficulties.

Julie specialises in bohemian support methods. Dyslexia is a pattern of specific learning difficulties and as a dyslexic Julie has a gift in being able to translate the students difficulties in a way all can understand and with this new understanding change can happen.

With understanding comes chance, students, parents and tutors understand their specific difficulty and therefore can start to find strategies that suit these individual.


Julie Sellars, specialist in Dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD

Caz McDonagh
Holistic Practitioner

I'm a holistic practitioner; Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Oneness Trainer, Deeksha Giver (energy worker) and Siddha Healer (using energy, crystals and sacred geometry).  I'm also a Meditation Guide and hold various themed guided meditations, including group chanting classes; healing in unison from the vibration of sound.

I'm teaching a Oneness Awakening two day course in Newhaven (check here for information) and will be teaching regular courses in Lewes and surrounding areas.

My inspiration for becoming a holistic practitioner happened when I became disillusioned by my career and my life..  I left the corporate world of my hometown London, moved to Asia for ten years, where I taught ESL for seven years and this is where I first began my journey of self discovery. Since then it's been my passion to be the facilitator of those 'seeking something else', those stressed and in pain (physically and emotionally). 

I began teaching classes, courses and doing one to one healings in Bali, India and Thailand. In Summer 2016, I moved to Lewes where I feel building my holistic business, set amongst the beautiful support of nature, is where I now want to be.

I taught two Chanting and Deeksha Meditation Classes every week for two years, whilst living in Hanoi, Vietnam.  I had regular clients who found attending these classes helped them to focus in a calmer more productive way.  It was also a very community-building experience, connecting like minded people together.

I introduced meditation and Deeksha to my ESL students with profound results.  It's when I felt teaching began to flow in a fun way and the teacher/student dynamic dissolved.

I've had people come to me for one or a few healing sessions and ongoing conditions or joint problems that they had been experiencing (often for years) seemed to dissolve.  My Cranio-Sacral Therapy clients range from a four month old baby boy up to an 82 year old woman, with everyone in between, including pregnant women and people with disabilities.

Some participants of my Oneness Awakening two day courses that I teach everywhere I live, have told me of their shifts in consciousness, which has given them direction, a clearer life purpose and profound connection to themselves.

It's my life purpose to facilitate healing and inner growth in my clients.


Caz McDonagh Energy worker and holistic practitioner

Caz McDonagh Energy worker and holistic practitioner

Kate Minogue
Poise and Posture

Kate Minogue has set up Poise and Posture to teach Alexander Technique, a way of better integrating mind and body. Rather than a treatment, it’s a life skill to be applied to everything you do. Posture isn’t about being stiff and rigid; it’s about moving with balance and grace. Poise conveys composure and self-possession, showing you’re ready for anything!

I give lessons at my home in Lewes and offer workshops for small groups. A lesson gives you the space to observe your own movement patterns and experiment with alternatives. There’s no right or wrong, but you may be surprised at how much unnecessary effort we tend to employ in the simplest of actions. In lessons we look at how to change habits by pausing to acknowledge our choice of response. Although no manipulation is involved, I use my hands to monitor what’s happening in the pupil’s body and to help the pupil experience an easier way of moving.

I became interested in Alexander Technique because of my chronic lower back pain and began to realise I was causing much of the pain myself. As an exercise instructor I had become very aware that people can’t necessarily make their body do what they want it to; and in fact their body may not be doing what they think it’s doing! In my work as a teacher and editor I had noticed the ill-effects of sitting for too long at a computer – and how easy it is to forget to breathe when you’re concentrating!

Alexander Technique is used by actors, singers, and musicians but is less well known by the general public.  Yet most people could benefit from lessons. Alexander Technique teaches you to think in activity; after all, we are designed to move. Younger people learn how to stay in touch with their bodies and maintain confidence; older people rediscover freedom and ease in movement. By learning how to avoid translating stress into muscular tension, computer users, sports enthusiasts, drivers, gardeners, and many others can improve their performance and feel better.

To become an Alexander Technique teacher, I trained full-time for three years; it takes time to make profound changes. However, anyone can begin to notice benefits after just a few lessons - feeling calmer, lighter, taller - as long as they apply what they have learned! 

Alexander Technique Teacher Kate Minogue

Alexander Technique Teacher Kate Minogue

Cammie Toloui
Intuitive, Deep, Effective Massage Therapy

Cammie Toloui has been a massage therapist since 2010, working with hundreds of people in her own private practice as well as in a massage clinic, in workplaces, private homes and as a volunteer at events.  

Her priority with every massage is to listen carefully to her client's needs and to their body, ensuring they never feel they have received a one-size-fits-all massage. Sometimes you might need deep, focused work to address tension, pain or an injury and other times you might just need to relax and feel more in your body, which is when a deeply relaxing massage can help. Cammie's quiet, warm, private massage studio is in the heart of Lewes and she is available Sunday through Thursday.

Massage therapist Cammie Toloui

Massage therapist Cammie Toloui

Dr Esmoreit Sleyster
Child Psychology Sussex

A clinical psychology service for children, adolescents and families

If you want a better understanding of the troubles your child is facing, or you are considering therapy for your child or support for your family, then Esmoreit may be able to help. Esmoreit is a chartered psychologist and associate fellow of the British Psychological Society and is the main service provider at Child Psychology Sussex. Esmoreit offers advice, assessments and therapies that are tailor-made to the needs of individual children, adolescents and their families and carers.

Esmoreit provides therapy for children and adolescents who are experiencing social, emotional or behavioural difficulties. This may include relationship problems at home or at school; anger and anxiety difficulties; low mood or confidence; and trauma and loss. Therapy could involve working individually with the child or adolescent; working jointly with family members or parent(s)/carer(s) and the child; and in some cases with the parents on their own as a means of helping to address the child’s difficulties.

Please see the website for more information and for referrals and enquiries. A twenty minutes free-of-charge telephone consultation is offered to parents, carers and professionals to discuss how Esmoreit can help you with the child you have concerns about

Lewes Child Psychologist Dr Esmoreit Sleyster

Lewes Child Psychologist Dr Esmoreit Sleyster

Claudia Cerrina
Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

I am an experienced Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, accredited by the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), and registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

I offer open-ended or time-limited psychotherapy and counselling to adults and young people. My counselling and psychotherapy practice is based in central Lewes, within easy access of the train station and bus routes. I also practice in Brighton from the Rock Clinic.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy looks at how the events and experiences of our past relationships and developmental history may unconsciously influence and be echoed in current relationships. These underlying dynamics can be revealed in many ways, through relationship difficulties, behavioural patterns, emotions, bodily symptoms, dreams, or in the dynamics of the therapeutic relationship itself. I will explore these issues and patterns with you, within a confidential, accepting, boundaried, supportive, and collaborative relationship. I aim to help you to deepen your self-awareness, by experiencing and making sense of what underlies your distress and difficulties with life, and to support you with making different choices, navigating change, or living more fully in your existing circumstances.

I have experience of working in both private settings and public sector secondary care, including Sussex Partnership Foundation NHS Trust (providing time-limited and open-ended psychotherapy to clients presenting with somatic or functional symptoms of neurological nature, e.g. dissociative seizures, movement impediment), higher education (providing time-limited CBT counselling to University students) and local counselling agencies (The Rock Clinic and pregnancy crisis centres offering support and advice to individuals or couples facing pregnancy related difficulties). I work with clients in English or in Italian.

If you think I an help you do call me 07813 811986

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Lewes Psycholtherapist Clauda Cerrina

Lewes Psycholtherapist Clauda Cerrina