Lewes Women in Business is...

  • Welcoming and relaxed
  • Not for profit – as a Community Interest Company we offer affordable membership and workshops for small businesses
  • Ready to share our experiences to the benefit of other members read more about LWB member workshops).
  • Non-competitive
  • Inventive - we aim to find and create solutions to the work challenges our members face
  • Collaborative (find out more about how collaborations have worked for LWB members)
  • Generous - where we can we like to promote each other's work
  • Flexible - we ask our members what they need from the group and try to find ways of achieving that
  • Sociable and fun

Lewes Women in Business doesn't...

  • Exclude on the basis of business type - we welcome more than one business of the same kind, eg we have a number of nutritional therapists, photographers, graphic designers and jewellery makers. Each business has something unique to offer, all are welcome.
  • Have referral requirements - we don't ask the members to make mutual referrals, they occur naturally and appropriately within the group.
  • Insist on attendance - as with most things, the more you put into the group, the greater the benefits you will experience.  (We arrange our meetings on a rotational basis, on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of each month to give members the best chance of attendance).